On beginning

Today, I enter the world a tenured professor. It is a position of great privilege, but with great privilege comes great responsibility. So, I begin my journey as a blogger to engage more broadly with colleagues and the general public.

What can you expect from my blog?

I will draw inspiration for posts from my professional life writ broad, but because my professional self is inextricable from my personal self, you will encounter elements from beyond my work within my posts. Topics are likely to include commentary on archaeology, digital mapping, indigenous issues (especially around being Métis), inequity in the academic world, and on teaching. I am passionate about many parts of my work life, but if asked to distill it down, I see my most central roles as an educator and as an agent of change. I want to change how the structure of the academic world works to exclude disparate voices, to devalue certain types of research, and to reproduce entrenched ways of thinking.

I am particularly interested in silences. Whose voices are heard and whose are not? The concept of silences is relevant in my archaeological research, as I see the material record of the past as an opportunity to counter the historical narratives written by outsiders. Silences are also present in the academic world, where certain voices are privileged and others are ignored. My blog, therefore, is designed to break my own silence and give voice to those who are excluded or hushed due to the structures of history and the structures of the academy.

I welcome thoughtful commentary, respectful engagement, and different voices or perspectives on my posts. I hope you will join me on my journey!


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